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It must be done in a manner that respects the privacy and civil liberties of citizens

Image source: Internet Mass surveillance in India refers to the monitoring of the citizens of India by the government and law enforcement agencies. This is done primarily to maintain national security and prevent criminal activities.  In India, several laws and regulations enable the government to carry out mass surveillance. Some of the major ones are:  The Indian Telegraph Act of 1885: This act gives the government the power to intercept and monitor all telegraphic communication, including emails, calls, and messages.  The Information Technology (IT) Act of 2000: This act empowers the government to monitor and intercept any electronic communication to prevent cybercrime.  The Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act of 1967: This act allows the government to monitor individuals and groups if they are suspected of engaging in unlawful activities that threaten national security.  The National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO): This is India's technical intelligence agency that is