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Taaruf (तआरुफ़)


Ta'aruf (तआरुफ़) is a beautiful poetry collection, it also contain a short story about love. This Book is written by Atul Kumar (Author) and Author Amol and this is India’s first poetry collection, in which a Student & a Professor penned different shades of emotions together about love and life journey.

Ta'aruf (Book)
AuthorAtul Kumar, Author Amol
PublisherBlue Rose Publisher
     Publication Date      
  • 13 July 2018
                ISBN                  978-93-879-9678-6
The title “Ta’aruf” selected by the Authors for this Book because it’s basically Urdu word which means “Introduction or acquaintance (Hindi: परिचय या जान-पहचान)” and the Authors believe that every day in our life, we are introduced to a new things, situation or a person and sometime these things or situation change your life forever...

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